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In the modern world, there never seems to be enough time to completely relax. For this reason, men experience a wide range of problems, from low libido to extreme fatigue. But it should not be like that!

Looking for the ultimate massage salon in Tenerife?

We offer the best massage service for men and couples and we make sure that you do not meet other clients when visiting our Massage Salon in Tenerife.


The massage Tenerife is an massage parlor. Salon has been specially created to give you unforgettable moments in the presence of beautiful and sensual ladies and gentlemen, experienced in the art of massage.

We will lead you into a world of fantasies, of your fantasies!

Here you will find relaxation, sensuality! This is not an ordinary massage but a celebration of pleasures and allows your most intimate feelings to appear.

About Massage Tenerife…

Are you a connoisseur in what pertains to massage? Or have you finally mustered up the courage and want to be pampered by our professional masseuses?

We guarantee the most exquisite experience an errotic massage parlor could offer!

Only at Tenerife Massage you’ll experience a paradise of pleasures, impossible to forget each time the session is over.

Why Tenerife Massage?

    • Tenerife massage is more than a massage, it’s an intimate and liberating experience you can hardly find anywhere else.

    • Because we are the only ones who want and can make all your unspoken fantasies come true.

    • Rest assured, our professional masseuses know exactly how to treat you in order to relax and forget all your worries.

    • Not only your body will feel rejuvenated, but also your spirit and your mind. Why would you deny your fantasies?

At our massage parlour, we have created a pleasant and relaxing ambience where the accent is on sophistication, luxury, beauty, and exceptional services. You can spend a few pleasantry hours here in the company of beautiful women from our team of highly skilled masseuses.

Let us provide you with true ecstasy, pure intimacy and a unique connection!


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